Replacement of a missing tooth on the upper right side.

This patient requested a Dental Implant as he was conscious of the gap showing and he noticed that the back tooth had started to move in to the gap. We were both very pleased with the final outcome!


Dental implant to replace missing tooth upper right side

Missing front tooth replaced with a dental implant

This patient was wearing a removable denture but could not get used to it. His wife did not like that he did not wear his removable tooth, which is why he opted to have a fixed dental implant. The final results were amazing!

Lost front tooth.

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Missing upper left tooth replaced with a dental implant

This lady had a failing tooth which eventually had to be removed. She also found that food was getting trapped in the gap. She opted for a dental implant as she did not want to wear a removable denture. She was very pleased with the result as the dental implant looks even better than her own adjacent teeth!

Lost tooth on the upper left side

Single implant to replace the lost tooth

Loose removable denture replaced with four dental implants

This lady requested an implant supported denture as she wanted secure teeth that would not “drop” or “move” when she was eating and at social engagements. The results were great!

This patient complained of a loose fitting denture. She opted for dental implants to restore her smile.

New smile with dental implants!